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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Live From the Triple-C

Now that I have the laptop, have set things up, and have a bit more time than I did the last couple of weeks, I figured it would be a great time to do the writerly thing. Yep, I'm writing from a coffee shop!

After work today, I headed straight over to Santa Monica and Poinsettia to the new Creative City Cafe. It is one of the newer "writers' cafes" out here, with free WiFi, a script library, library of writing books, and writer-friendly environment. They have a number of writing-themed events planned as well.

I think the place could be a bit cozier, to be honest. But it is a generally decent place to write. I'm feeling kind of hot in here, but then again, I'm a New Yorker who wears shorts all "winter" here, because I don't get cold easily. I laugh when I see people in LA in 55-degree weather wearing scarves and parkas. So maybe it is a comfortable temperature for the "regular" SoCal folks. So yeah. In general, I'd say the CCC is a cool place to at least check out if you're in the area. And we'll see how it grows and develops over time.

Anyway, this is just a small "writing break" for me. Time to get back to the real writing. I've done about 3 more pages on Hell on Wheels, but I'd like to at least finish this scene before I take off. So back to it!

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