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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Expo 4 -- Fun Joel Recommends...

Just wanted to throw out a few things that I've selected out of the spectrum of seminars and events at Screenwriting Expo 4 that I recommend, for what that's worth! In no particular order...

John August -- He may be doing other events, of which I'm unaware, but at the least, I know he was scheduled to be the Guest of Honor on Friday at 2 PM.

William Goldman -- Duh. One of the most entertaining and enlightening screenwriters out there. I enjoyed hearing him at last year's Expo. And of course, if you have not yet, read as many of his books and screenplays as possible, and see the movies too! He is scheduled to be Guest of Honor at 10 AM on Sunday, and together with David Koepp at 2 PM on Sunday (though, of course, I'd also recommend you attend my second seminar at that time).

Bill Martell -- The man behind Script Secrets, a colleague of mine at scr(i)pt magazine, and a heck of a nice guy. He's had a bunch of movies produced for TV, and always has offers great, practical advice. He's got a ton of seminars going on through the Expo, so look through the schedule and find one or three that appeal to you.

Jeff Dowd -- El Duderino (since I'm not into the whole brevity thing) himself. Friday at 10 AM and Saturday at 8 AM (that's being very un-Dude).

Billy Mernit -- He wrote the book on Romantic Comedy (literally the book -- it's the only one there is), and he's a nice guy too. He's teaching a RomCom seminar on Saturday at 10 AM.

Heather Hale -- The founder of the wonderful TheIndustry.LA (which recently had a nice facelift). She also has a number of seminars going on, so check the schedule.

Chris Soth -- Member of the scribosphere, and creator of "Million Dollar Screenwriting," on which he'll be presenting a seminar at 8 AM on Saturday.

PitchXchange -- sponsored by scr(i)pt magazine, and a great way to gain access to people you might not otherwise have access to.

Networking parties -- One of the best things about Expo is all the people you meet/can meet. There's a pre-Expo party on Thursday night at 7, Opening Night party on Friday at 10 PM, a free networking party at the convention center 10 PM on Saturday, and various post-pitch session parties each night at 5 PM.

Trade Show -- 10-6 each day. Lots of good booths, with discounts and great information. You can find me at the scr(i)pt mag booth on Friday from around 12-3.

Closing ceremony -- can be a bit long-winded, but is fun. You can win lots of prizes, hear readings from some of the scripts in competition, etc.

Post-Expo Scribosphere Meet-Up -- wind down with your newfound friends from around the scribosphere. Just please let me know if you think you'll be joining us!

Hope you'll be at the Expo, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. And most importantly, Have Fun!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Joel -- those of you who can't get up that early on Saturday, please stop by the MillionDollarScreenwriting booth. I'm hoping to give informal mini-lectures (on the Mini-Movie Method) throughout the day. No crowd above zero is too small.

Thanks "A Million"

Chris Soth

11:44 PM  

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