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Monday, October 23, 2006

Expo post #2

I will write more about the Expo soon, but I wanted to talk a bit now in wrap-up. I'll actually move backwards somewhat, by starting with the post-Expo meet-up.

I'll be honest. I was a little disappointed in the numbers of people who showed up this year (though not disappointed in the quality). I'll attribute it to fewer Scribospherians in attendance at the Expo, avoiding traffic on the 405, and a lame location in the hotel bar rather than the cool Figueroa location from last year.

Regardless, there was a nice little crowd that joined up, both bloggers and blog readers alike. In attendance (and in approximate order of appearance) were my friend from last year's expo, Brenda (couldn't find your semi-existant blog, Bren); Bill Martell; Billy Mernit; our new friends from the Great White North, Jeff and Adele; Pascha (forgive me if I misspelled it); and Shawn. I think that was it, and if I actually forgot anyone with such a small group, I'll feel like an idiot, so I hope not.

Small, but intimate, and some fun and pleasant conversation, banter, story-telling, etc. I wish more of you could have joined, and know that I missed all of you, who weren't there!

I also love the Expo for the opportunities I get to meet other writers and consultant types. Among others that I met were Karl Iglesias, H. Raven Rose, Robin Russin, and others. I also had the honest pleasure of meeting many of my readers, as well as hopefully gaining new readers via my two seminars, and/or hanging out around the Expo. If I met you at the Expo, and you are checking the blog out (I can think of a number of you that I met and have never met before), please either leave a comment here, or drop me an email. I love to stay in touch with people. And to my new friend from whom I requested 10 pages in 30 days, get to it! I really want to read it.

I'll post more soon, including a funny story from my seminar on Friday morning. But overall, I certainly had fun, and hope that all those who attended did as well!

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Blogger Chris said...


sorry i missed the meet up. a meeting for work i was in took longer than expected and by the time i made it down there from hollywood, wasn't sure if anyone would still be there. hopefully next year (or sooner).

9:41 AM  

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