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Friday, October 20, 2006

Expo Post #1

Just a very quick missive from the Expo (largely because it is cool to blog about an event while you are there and it is happening).

So today is the special "extra" day of panels that they added to the Expo this year. I've been largely hanging at the Pitching panels, but may switch for the rest of the day to the other "Taking Back Your Career" sessions, because they seem to be some interesting topics. Nothing groundbreaking in the pitch panels, though entertaining as always. Hoping to be the first to report the requested blog about a funny story regarding a nightmare pitch by Dave Johnson (Jake 2.0). The short of it, he was in his car, needed to take a whizz quickly before the pitch, tried to fill an Evian bottle, and messed his jeans a bit. Then he laid down in a sun beam on the floor of the parking garage to try to dry himself. Ended with him fessing up at the pitch and joking about not washing his hands!

Nice to hear him, Derek Hoffman (From Richard Donner's company), Simon Kinberg (who I met at the Scriptwriter's Showcase) and others. Also great to see some old friends/acquaintances, meet a few cool new people, meet some of my readers whom I had not met before, etc. Looking forwared to more goodness (and partying) over the rest of the weekend.

I will be hitting a few of the networking parties. Also going to the Learning Annex horror panel tonight, and organizing Sunday's gathering. Details should be up by tomorrow. Check back (and chime in if you haven't already).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Joel,
Thanks for sharing your experience from the expo. Do you remember the name of the dark haired screenwriter, wearing a black shirt who was sitting beside Simon Kinberg during the last portion of the Thurs afternoon pitch session? If you do, can you let me know, I would like to get in touch with him.
Many thanks

7:14 PM  

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