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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Music Vids Animation

My buddy, and member of my writing group (no, not this group), Ben Umstead is one of five finalists in a contest to direct a video for one of his favorite musicians, Norwegian Sondre Lerche. I thought his vid was the best of the five and really respect his efforts, and if you're into music vids, I hope you'll check this out and consider voting (hopefully for him).

Just go HERE. The site is in Norwegian, but Ben's vid is the first one, with the picture of a teddy bear. You can vote on the bottom of the screen where there is a pink box that says "KLIKK HER FOR A STEMME." The voting ends this Thursday at 11 AM Norway time (2 AM PT, 5 AM ET), so there's only about 18 hours left!

And while I'm discussing music vids, I had to tip my hat to this wonder of good editing. (Not safe for the office, btw, with foul language and sentiments I don't support, but a funny video nonetheless.) Somebody clearly knows that TV show way too well!


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Anonymous Lucy said...

Klik her for a stemme?! Sounds like that could be rooooooood. Nice.

Or is that just me?

8:52 PM  

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