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Friday, March 03, 2006

Want to Hear me Talk?

As most of you know, I presented two seminars this past November at the Screenwriting Expo. One of the things I've been trying to do is increase the amount of screenwriting teaching I do. I've been meaning to (but have yet to) look into teaching at a Community College. I've had contact with a few different institutions and websites about doing stuff through them as well, but nothing has yet come to fruition.

So I was thinking today, maybe I should do a private seminar. I know it is something that Philip Morton is about to do, and something that Chris Soth does regularly as well. Of course I don't have the experience of those guys (both of whom I recommend, by the way), and my seminars would probably be shorter and more focused. Thus, I'd also charge significantly less as well.

Still, I thought there might be some interest, so consider this me testing the waters. The most logical place for me to start would be with the two seminars I presented at the Expo. I know a few of you were there, but many others weren't. So I'm wondering, would any of you be interested in hearing me present one or both of those seminars again?

"Writing to be Read" is about teaching you how to get into the mind of a script reader, and think like one as you write. I review a number of screenplays that I rejected over the years, and discuss the reasons I rejected them. Not just the ones that suck, because those won't teach you anything. But more the ones that had some promise, but remained fatally flawed for some reason.

"Verbalizing the Visual" is about writing visual sequences: action, physical comedy, sex, battles, etc. I use excerpts of a number of excellent visual sequences from produced films and show how the writers translated these dialogue-less scenes to the page.

If you think you might be interested in seeing one or both of these (in the LA area, for now), please let me know, either in the comments or via email. Don't worry, this will not be a commitment from you, just an indication of potential interest. And then I'll follow up with you afterwards.

I may also consider other topics, now or in the future. Perhaps a seminar on using the Enneagram for character development? But more likely that one would be down the road somewhat.

Thanks for considering! If you're not interested, no worries. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I'm venturing!



Anonymous Phillip Vargas said...

The topics sound interesting. Let me know if you decide to move forward with them.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Eddie said...

Both sound interesting. Keep us posted.

1:53 AM  
Blogger Fun Joel said...

Thanks Eddie. Do me a favor and drop me an email, so I can send you a few follow-up questions. I've been sending them to all those who express interest so I can plan better.

Send to FunJoel[AT]earthlink[DOT]net. Obviously remove the brackets and words in the middle and replace with the appropriate symbols.

By the way, for those who wonder why I do that, it is to help prevent spambots (not to be confused with fembots) from reading it and adding the email to spam lists. Not 100% sure if it works, but it certainly doesn't hurt! ;-)

2:16 AM  
Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

Hey Joel. Rabbi Yonah just put up a photostream from J@TBv2.0, and I saw one of you and Rav Shmuel. Thought you would like it, if you didn't already see it.

11:09 AM  

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