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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Grass Roots Fundraising/Filmmaking

My friend Linda pointed me towards this site today, and I think these guys have found a cute way to have fun and raise some awareness and money about their horror film, Dead Girls Club.

The company is called Mentor Street, and seems like a cool company, at least based on their mission statement:

Mentor Street, Inc. is founded on the belief that at various times in all our lives, we are both students and teachers. It's paying backwards and forwards by investing in the future of our creative community, now and today. Mentor Street is committed to supporting this - and the next - generation of industry talent. From actors to directors, from composers to writers, we want to help advance artists using all available, emerging technologies.

© 2005 Mentor Street, Inc. All rights reserved

So what have they done? They've launched a contest that is an open call for "America's Next Scream Queen and King" (and guys, if you want in on the action, there seem to be very few male entries so far -- maybe I should submit an application).

People enter with a videotaped intro of where they are from, and then belt out their best horror movie scream. Apparently it has already driven a lot of hits to their site, raising awareness. And how is it also raising money? People vote for their favorites by text-messaging a vote in, and it costs $.99 a vote. Sort of like American Idol, but cool and for a horror film. Scroll through and watch random ones; they're actually rather silly and entertaining (except for the few pompous ones).

Anyway, I think it at least shows a little cleverness, though how much they'll actually raise this way remains to be seen. I did see a blog recently that some guy was using to try to raise funds for a movie, similar to that guy with the million pixel page. But I can't remember what the blog address was. Maybe he's reading. Still, I have a feeling the Scream Contest will do a bit better.

It's fun. And if you want to help out, drop a vote for Linda -- she's #93 on page 12.

Thanks, and have fun!

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