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Friday, November 04, 2005

Meet Me in Los Angeles (or Fun Joel shills)

I know it was originally Meet Me in St. Louis, but I dug the title.

Anyhow, as you must know already, if you read this blog at all, Screenwriting Expo 4 is next weekend (Nov. 11-13). As you must also be aware, I'll be teaching two seminars at the Expo, and would love to have as many of you as possible come and join me for one or both. They are both on Sunday. Here's a brief run down on each:

"Writing to be Read" (Sun. 11/13, 8-9:30 AM) --
You all know I'm a professional script reader. Over the years, I have given many scripts the dreaded PASS rating. Ever wonder why? We all know there are at least 500 ways to annoy a script reader, and I'd tell you that most are probably valid. But it isn't enough to avoid these things (or do the right things, as the case may be). Plenty of the scripts I've PASSed on were written in the proper format and had the correct number of brads. So I decided to go through my files (the same ones that supply us with FFFJ), and pick out categories of scripts I rejected. I wanted to classify the bigger mistakes people make that causes their scripts to be rejected. Then, if you can keep these things in mind, you'll have a better chance of getting your work past the reader, and passed UP (instead of PASSed on) to a development exec.

"Verbalizing the Visual" (Sun. 11/13, 2-3:30 PM) --
Many of us focus too heavily on dialogue when we write. Remember that film is, at its core, a visual medium. So what about those sequences in which there is almost no dialogue spoken? I'm talking about physical comedy, sports, general action, battles, sex, etc. What are some of the better ways to write such scenes? By referencing the screenplays of many famous films, with well-written active sequences, I will be highlighting a number of techniques to write such scene effectively.

So, please come and take a seminar or two. And I know there are others I know from around the scribosphere who are also giving seminars. When I have time later, I'll try to write another post highlighting their seminars as well.

Still, even if you can't make it to either of those seminars, I'd love to meet you all anyway. You should be able to find me at the scr(i)pt magazine booth on Friday, around 12-2:30. I might be attending the party at the Expo on Saturday night. And Warren and I were thinking about organizing a get-together of sorts. I don't remember his schedule, but maybe midday on Sunday might be good, say around lunchtime? Alternatively, I'm able to hang out somewhere after the Expo ends, on Sunday night, if people are up for that. So if you're interested in meeting up sometime during, or around Expo, let me know! Drop an email or something.

Looking forward to seeing many of you next week!

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Blogger Warren said...

The consensus has been building around the scribosphere for a Sunday night gathering at The Figeuroa bar, maybe around 5 p.m. Just to be devil's advocate for a sec, the one thing about Sunday night is that people might be pretty exhausted by the end of the Expo. Oh, and some people could be flying out on Sunday night.

Any thoughts?

Anyone else interested in coming? Anyone willing to post a note on their blog about the gathering next week after we nail down the time and place?

7:57 AM  
Blogger Fun Joel said...

A point well taken Warren, but not sure there's a better time out there. So I'm just gonna "man up" abut being tired that night! I'll call the Fig this week, and then post about the details.

4:35 AM  

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