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Sunday, January 29, 2006


And by catsup, I of course really mean ketchup, which is just my oh-so-clever way of saying catch-up. Which, of course, is what this post is designed to do for you. And me. Or whatever. Basically, I just wanted to do a brief post to catch you up on things.

I've been ill the last few days (since Wednesday night), and let's just leave it at that, without the details. But that has precluded me from doing, well, much of anything really. Been really exhausted. But I think/hope/pray that I'm basically over it now. And thus, I hope to start posting more regularly again sometime later today (though I'm heading out to a BBQ now).

I have a few emails Q&A's to post here, and those will probably come first. I also hope to soon get to the long-overdue and much needed cleaning/updating of my blogroll, so look for that, hopefully, by the end of the week.

For those who wonder, things are generally status quo with that job I interviewed for. No word yet, but still in the running.

And no real progress on Hell on Wheels, since I've been ill. Again, this week, hopefully. I think I need to really set some big goals for this week, to get my butt in gear.

Okay, so that's that. Now back to blog silence until later. I'm off to the charred flesh. MMmmmm. :-)

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