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Friday, October 28, 2005

Roll Your Own...

...screenwriting blog search, that is.

Good ol' Moses, from The Rabbit Trail has set up a special "scribosphere search" at rollyo.com

Rollyo, of course, is short for Roll Your Own, and allows you to customize a search across a selected group of websites. Moses set up one with 25 different blogs across the screenwriting neighborhood of the blogosphere, aka the scribosphere. I am honored that he considered me one of the top 25, and I assume it had something to do with my sticking to only screenwriting and film related topics, rather than throwing in personal stuff as well.

You can check it out by scrolling down my sidebar to find the search box, highlight "scribosphere" in the drop down menu, and type in a search. Not quite sure how the search algorithm works and ranks posts, but I guess if you type "enneagram" into the search box, my posts are likely to come up big! ;-)

And while we're at it, in the context of building a scribosphere community, Moses also set up a frappr! (short for Friend Mapper) page for members of the scribosphere, which is a mashup with google maps. In it, you can add yourself, and see where other members of the scribosphere live too! Check out the scribosphere frappr map and add yourself!

Thanks, Moses!

Hat tip: Warren

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Anonymous Moses said...

Thanks for noticing Joel. And I mentioned it on Warren's site but it kinda stunk that I could only add 25 sites. I hate deciding that sort of thing. Ended up sticking with sites that were primarily screenwriting, further constricted by the fact that I'm not familar with a lot of the screenwriting blogs yet. Someone could always make a Scribosphere 2, 3 and 4 search. Increase the power.

1:54 AM  

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