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Monday, November 05, 2007

Jolly Jet-Setting Joel

I'm just two weeks back from my Africa jaunt, and I'm already looking ahead to more journeys. I have two more trips planned before the new year! I'll still be working (one of the pleasures of being a freelancer in the telecommuting age), but they are still trips nonetheless. So, why am I telling you?

Because it will hopefully be an opportunity to meet some more of you that I have not yet met! So let me tell you where I'll be, and when. If any of you know of a writing group or class or something that would like to have me come speak on a more formal basis, I would love to try to work that in, following up on my Expo seminars. Definitely let me know! But otherwise, I would also love to just meet some of you on a more relaxed basis -- coffee or drinks, one-on-one or in groups. So let me know that as well.

So here's my schedule:
NYC/NJ from 11/16-11/26
London from 12/16-12/18
Israel from 12/20-12/26

Obviously, part of the NYC/NJ trip will be taken up by family Thanksgiving stuff, but much of the rest of that time I'm available. And for the detail mongers among you, 12/19 is a travel day, with some stopping, but no availability to meet up.

So, for any of my readers in NYC/NJ, London (or the UK and willing/able to travel to London), and Israel, please do get in touch.



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