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Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm Free!

As of Friday, I am free of Time Warner Cable! In short order, I signed up for Dish Network, and DSL through AT&T. And after both were set, I called up TW on Friday afternoon and dumped 'em!

I get the feeling that lots of people have been canceling (as well they should be), because they didn't even do the typical offer of free movie channels to try to get me to stay. Not that it would've helped, but still surprising.

And the best part of it all? I'm paying less, and getting SO much more. I had the most basic cable, without many of the "standard" cable channels. No Comedy Central. No ESPN. etc. Now, I have something like 200 channels, including many good ones as well as the basics, and I have a DVR! All in the same package that costs me less. I am happier than that proverbial pig. :-)

So far the DSL is fine too, though it seems a tad slow and I might want to upgrade to the higher speed for another $5 (which would still keep my total TV/Internet bill below what I paid with TW).

Anyway, hopefully back to blogging a bit more, and I have a few interesting posts coming up, so stick around.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Love Time Warner Cable

...he said with much sarcasm.

Yeah, so my cable internet is down, and apparently it takes 10+ days to get a service call from this lovely conglomerate. Of coruse, that was after wasting literally 1 1/2 hours on the phone with them (and when I say literally, I don't mean figuratively, as when people say, "I literally died!").

I will try to find some time to put up another post from the office this week (as I am quickly doing currently), but it may be difficult. Bottom line, though, Time Warner has botched their transition during their LA takeover of Comcast and Adelphia cable systems worse than I've ever seen. I'm honestly amazed, and I hope they lose plenty of business because of it. They deserve to. I know I'm looking into satellite TV and DSL.

Post again soon, I hope.