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Friday, October 16, 2009

Good New Research Tool

If I updated my sidebar links at all (been years, I'd guess) I would definitely be included this new one in my "Research Tools" category (and/or in "Stir the Creative Pot").

There is a new (to my knowledge) search aggregator specifically designed for creative people: creativesear.ch. Brought to you by D&AD, an educational charity connected with the design and advertising communities, creativesear.ch delivers search results from Google, Google Images, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, Twitter and many others. And all in a visually appealing layout/design.

While designed (I think) for visual creatives (e.g. graphic designers), I can also see this becoming a very handy tool for screenwriters (and other creative writers) while in the research phase of a project. Try it out by typing in a search term at the top of the page, and let your creative juices flow.

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Anonymous The Last Reveal said...

Interesting news.

By the way, Google just announced that it will be launching an online store to sell e-books that will be able to be read in ANY browser, as reported in the article at:


It says:

"Who needs an e-reader or a special app when I’ve already got the only e-reader/app that I need: a Web browser?"

Google said today that it will launch in the first half of next year an online store to offer e-books that can be read on any device with a Web browser, according to a Reuters report. Yup, that means e-book reading comes to the browser on your desktop, laptop, iPhone and probably even some WiFi-enabled handheld gaming devices."

So this eventually ought to shake up the e-book scene and maybe bring down the Kindle (and other reader hardware) prices eventually, if not make them obsolete without further enhancements.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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