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Saturday, October 25, 2008

And Now a Word from God

Just wanted to give a heads up about a new web series that just launched this week, aimed at teens of faith.

G-dcast aims to breathe new life into the old tales of the Old Testament, using fun and artful animation, hip storytelling and unique guests. Though produced from a Jewish perspective, and aimed at Jewish teens, the series should be great for any religious viewers, regardless of their specific faith, if the opening episode is any indicator:

Pronounced "Godcast," the title is written with a dash since that is how some Jews write God's name in English. I should also clarify that I don't think you have to be some kind of crazy religious fanatic to appreciate these videos. I think any spiritually-minded individual may find something of value here.

A new episode will come out each week, released on Mondays, and will feature storytellers from around the world, hip-hop artists, country western singers, and many more.

The opening episode has some nice writing with clever witticisms disguising some deep thoughts. The effect is to make them accessible to a wide audience, while entertaining viewers at the same time. Kudos to series creator and New Media maven Sarah Lefton on a clever concept, well executed!

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Anonymous George said...

That's a very clever idea. I haven't seen anything quite like it anywhere else. Quite expressionist...

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Screenwriting Contests - Josh said...

Hmm, I almost can't picture it being an entire series. Though I like that it challenges peoples concepts. And the animation is interesting.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

I have to agree with Josh. A whole series could prove a bit much. But it is a very interesting approach.

10:07 PM  

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