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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Annual Fall Script Services Sale

Well, it is that time of year again, when I reduce prices on my screenplay consulting services. I am again offering a 10% discount on my main screenplay services for the next two months, through the end of 2008!

Full, in-depth Development Notes now go for just $270, reduced from the usual $300 price. Less comprehensive but always popular Studio Style Coverage is now only $135, marked down from $150. And of course, each service still comes with a free follow-up phone call after you receive your report!

I'm pleased to have kept my prices on the more affordable and lower end of prices for comparable options out there. And I'm proud of the positive responses I've gotten from my clients, including numerous repeat customers. To give you an idea, here are a few endorsements from some of my prior clients:

"Having used other screenplay services in the past, the thing I appreciate about Joel's services the most is the fact that he treats you as a fellow writer and takes the extra time to make sure you understand his comments in order to strengthen your script for sale." -- Nathan Flood

"Joel's coverage is clear, concise and tells you the issues in your script in a non-judgmental way which is invaluable for any writer struggling with an early draft. Plus he's fast and excellent value for money, always a bonus!" -- Lucy, UK, www.lucyvee.blogspot.com

"FunJoel was thorough, professional, and didn't pull any punches. In a field fraught with intense competition, Joel Haber encourages the new writer to reach for the best within them -- to produce a quality script -- and nails both strengths and weaknesses with uncanny precision." -- Robin Roderick/Critical Mass

"It's a rare thing for a reader to have both a good analytical mind and a creative sensibility. Joel has both these qualities in abundance. Plus, he's got a helluva good sense of humor." -- J. Edwards

"Finally -- a script consultant who delivers real value and real advice, without patronizing or antagonizing." -- Chase Libbey

I look forward to working with many of you this Fall! If you are interested, please email me directly (change the bracketed [AT] and [DOT] to the appropriate symbols), and we can discuss specifics. And if you are curious about what each of those types of reports entails, click on the sidebar link to the left that reads "Fun Joel's Screenplay Services," or HERE.


UPDATE: If you're coming here via Alex Epstein's blog, welcome! If you haven't been here before, please dig through the archives. I also look forward to hopefully working with some of you soon.

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