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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. My trip has been fabulous, and I'm having a great time catching up with family, friends, and business contacts.

I didn't want to let things go too long, so I figured I'd just toss out a brief post here, and (hopefully) give you some words of inspiration. I picked up the most recent issue (Summer 2006) of Written By, the WGA West magazine. In the editor's opening note, I read the following line:

Or google psychotherapist Dr. Robert Maurer's behavioral studies demonstrating that successful people fail more often than the majority -- their trick is to use rejection as a personal learning tool.

This reminded me of something I've heard from a rabbi I know. He's said it on a number of occasions, but I don't know the origin of it. Which is that the difference between a good person and a bad person (for lack of better terms) is that a good person falls down nine times and picks himself up nine times, but a bad person just falls down once.

I think both of these things speak to the same point. The key to success, be it in art or personal growth, or anything else, is perseverance. Screenwriting is a very hard business. There's a lot of competition, it requires a lot of skill, and even when you succeed you rarely get the respect you deserve. The key is to have your own goals, your own means of measuring success, and your own motivations.

Good luck!



Blogger deepstructure said...

agreed. the trick isn't to avoid getting knocked down - it's to get back up.

another reason successful people have failed more than others is that they've tried more often.

most successful people have a few failures in their past that they were able to learn and grow from.

which means i'm REALLY due! :)

12:48 AM  
Blogger Warren said...

Absolutely right on, both of you. It comes down to the Two P's: Persevere and Produce.

5:47 AM  

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