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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another "Only in LA" Moment

You may remember a little "only in LA" story I told recently. I saw a similar one today, but I figured I'd mention it also, since it shows a different aspect of LA car culture, I think.

I was walking past a strip mall in my neighborhood, on my way to the local CBTL. This particular strip mall has a Laundromat in it (why isn't it called a laundrymat?). So, as I'm walking past, I see a late middle aged couple walk out of the 'mat with a hamper full of clean clothes, and walk towards their car. What car's trunk do they squeeze their laundry basket into? A nice BMW Z4 Roadster!

Yep. Spend $35-45 K on your car, but no laundry in your home! Reminds me of a story someone once told me. They had a client who had a house in Beverly Hills, but there was only furniture in the front room. The rest of the house was empty. They wanted to address and image of B.H., but couldn't really afford to live there. Sad, in my opinion. But who am I to judge, right?

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Their washing machine was probably just on the fritz. But funny to see anyway! And I'll say it again: you have to be aware of these quirks of life, so they can add color to your screenplays.


FYI, posting over the next week will be light, though not non-existent. I am moving again on 4/30 (found a better place for me, so worth the hassle of the second move in a few months), so I'll be busy with packing, writing (hopefully), and working. But I'll try to squeeze in a few more posts. I still owe you one that I mentioned before Passover began, so I hope to get to that by tomorrow night.

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Blogger Kira said...

I've seen this too -- a shiny red Beemer parked at the laundromat on chichi Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.

I've also never seen so many really nice cars parked on the street or in the carports of crappy stucco apartment buildings as I have since I moved here... not something you see anywhere else. Those puppies are in garages in civilized burgs.

4:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a “Only in a Remote Home Economics School” moment couple of years ago.

I went to a bar with a woman I know only slightly. She immediately struck up a conversation with the bartender/barowner, also a woman.

Meanwhile I was sort of pondering what to have. I spotted an unfamiliar-looking bottle and innocently asked what it was. The bartender generously offered to give me a taste. She grabbed the bottle, poured a mouthful into her palm and extended her hand to me, over the countertop. I did as she bid and lapped up the (black and disagreeable) liquor. Then she just quickly rinsed her hands under water and kept on talking.

This was not a problem for me, I mean the woman had very nice and well manicured hands. But neither the bartender nor the woman I was with appeared to think that there was anything remotely odd about this.

It turns out that the two women had been classmates in a remote home economics school, and this was the first time they'd met since age 17.

I’ve sometimes wondered how such a gesture could be worked into a script to an effect.


5:36 PM  
Blogger Hugh said...

I do contract IT to pay the bills as I write, and a lot of my customers are high-end residential. It amazes me how many of these houses are meticulously manicured outside and then inside, it's the biggest shit-hole you've ever seen.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Milehimama said...

Laundromat is a brand name.
Although, after living in Texas (everything's bigger in Texas, including the desolation) I currently prefer Washateria. Luckily I escaped the Lone Star State with my yankee pronunciation of pecan (pih-CAHN vs. PEE-Can)intact.

Have to agree on the total craphole/nice veneer. So many people I know bum $5 for and bread, which the consume while watching a movie they BOUGHT (not rented, borrowed, or bootlegged) on their Plasma TV in their leather La-Z-Boy. Then they complain that they don't have gas money to get to work, so they're gonna have to quit their job.
I probably could work that into a script somewhere, but it's pointless as the title, "The Biggest Loser" is already taken.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Milehimama said...

Whoops, that's the wrong link for laundromat. Had a few red-headed stepchildren still hangin' on my clipboard.
Here's the right one:
also see:

10:18 PM  
Blogger MaryAn Batchellor said...

Maybe they just fired the help and don't know how to use their washer. Oh wait --

3:34 AM  

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