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Thursday, April 13, 2006

One More for Passover

Okay, I don't typically post these "viral videos" on here. But since this one stars my former roommate, Simon Feil, an actor in NYC, I figured I'd post it.

To add a bit of writing content: There seem to be a bunch of these (shorts or animations) that pop up around each Jewish holiday, and I'm sure it is the same around specific events in other subcultures. The problem I've noticed about most of the recent Passover themed ones is that people were forwarding them not because they were good or funny, but just because they found them and they were about the holiday.

This one, entitled Passover Noir, is not amazing but at least is a bit more clever, and has some decent writing and production values. For those not familiar with the customs related to Passover, scroll down past the video and I'll explain!

So basically, on Passover, Jews avoid eating "chametz," which means leavened grain. Hence the whole Matzoh thing. Matzoh is a kind of bread that was baked before it had time to leaven, or rise. We also have a tradition to remove all chametz from our homes. The night before Passover begins, we traditionally search for any remaining bits of chametz that we did not find previously. This is often done by candlelight, using a feather and spoon to sweep up the little bits. Then on the following morning, we burn what we found the night before, symbolically (and literally) destroying the remaining chametz from our homes.

This film was a cute and enjoyable take on the ritual. Probably more so to those who didn't need to have it explained, but still...

Talk to you all again on the weekend or Monday. (I've got a cool discovery to post about! Ooooh, suspense!)

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