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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Feeling Suspicious?

Just wanted to get a quick word out about a friend's movie opening this weekend. Civic Duty is an indie effort focusing on terror cells and the like. My old friend Andrew Lanter produced the film, and obviously they have some steep arachnoid competition this weekend. Still, they're hoping Civic Duty plays as counter programming of sorts.

I have not seen the film yet, but read a very early draft of the script, and it was interesting, as I recall. Didn't do coverage on it, so I have no notes to refer back to. But I'd still recommend at least considering seeing it, and I know Andrew would be thrilled if you helped support the effort!

Apart from that, a few brief things...

I finished the first draft of Hell on Wheels as planned, more or less. It has now been sent to my writing group and I'll be getting feedback from the group next week.

I plan to post again later today to give a review of Waitress, which I saw a preview screening of on Tuesday.

Also, I had an interesting meeting on Monday night, that could turn into something really great for me, or could turn into nothing. Who knows? Not going to say much about it now, but I hope to have good news to spread in the not too distant future. Think positive thoughts for me. Thanks!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard about John Milius's modern day Western Journey Of Death in production? If interested in the script give me a buzz, I have it in PDF


3:30 PM  
Anonymous Ex-Executive Editor, The Commentator said...

"I'm waiting for Civic Duty to come out in the Holy Land, since Lanter is an old friend of mine (we're talking 2nd grade)", whispered a voice from Fun Joel's past.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Fun Joel said...

Oh come on now...

Like I'm supposed to remember who was which editor on my college newspaper?! Reveal yourself! Or just email me (if you pop on here again).

7:42 PM  

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