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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Brief Call for Help

I can't recall if I publicly made this request last year or not, but I am doing so now, hoping to reach the few of you who still are kind enough to come around and read my blog, despite my poor posting schedule.

I will be walking in the MS Walk 2007 to raise money for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. My mother has had MS for many years now, and a few other friends of mine have also been diagnosed.

Last year, I was overwhelmed by the response of support I received from all my friends/associates. I was among the Top 100 fundraisers in LA, and I'm looking for a sizable increase in funds raised this year. But I'm also quite late in getting moving on this.

The walk is a week from Sunday, on 4/22. If any of you would like to walk with me, feel free to contact me. And I would be honored if you would consider making a donation on my behalf. ANY amount, large or small, is equally appreciated.

You can visit my page at:


[Also -- I just saw the news that Kurt Vonnegut died. Rest in peace, you funny man.]

(Lastly, I plan to soon post a progress report on a little project of mine you've been hearing about -- and not hearing about -- for way too long now: Hell on Wheels. Stay tuned!)

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Blogger Lucy said...

I'd be happy to make a donation Joel, but I'm in the UK - can we do this via Paypal?

10:58 AM  

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