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Friday, April 07, 2006

Showcase Starts Tomorrow

The Scriptwriters Showcase begins tomorrow, and runs through Sunday. Just wanted to remind y'all. I know a number of Scribospherians will be there in various capacities and for varying lengths of time. In particular, I know that at least Warren and Bill will be pretty involved, so get out and support them!

I am not able to be there for the bulk of the weekend, for various reasons, including the MS Walk on Sunday (which I will again ask that you be kind enough to sponsor me for, by clicking HERE). But I do intend to be there for a good part of the day tomorrow (Friday). So keep a lookout for me. I'd love to see and/or meet any of you!


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Anonymous Joe Unidos said...

As a writer who's wife has MS, here's a big THANKS for doing the walk. (I'd shoot you some money, but my own brother's practically bankrupted me in sponsoring him doing the one in DC.)

Thanks to you and all that sponsored you!

Joe U.

2:40 AM  
Blogger Chesher Cat said...

I didn't buy a ticket for the showcase because I find it distasteful that they charge $90 for a 15min meeting with a prodco or agency. Agencies are not supposed to charge for submissions of any kind. I'm against pitchfests too. I think they should have them but they shouldn't charge hopeful writers. That's just wrong. OK, end of rant.

But if there is a lobby area where people can hang out and chat that doesn't charge, I'd be up for a get-together to donate a few bucks to your MS walk. Good on ya' for that.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Fun Joel said...

I hear ya Chesher. What can you do, right? However, if you want to give a few bucks, you can do it via the webpage! ;-) Though I'll be happy to jmeet you as well!

I'm going because I write for the magazine, y'know?

9:41 AM  

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