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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Brief Brick Follow-up

I didn't go to the midnight showing last night. Instead, I played poker and made more than enough money to pay for my ticket today (which ain't cheap at the ArcLight). (Sorry, Scott, I should have invited you to poker last night.) Went to the 1st showing this morning, at 11:20.

Excellent. Was everything I expected, and then some. It was so wonderful to see the culmination of this journey for Rian. Getting great reviews nearly across the board, and there were a decent number of people in the theater for a Friday morning screening (I'm terrible at estimating numbers of people, so I won't even try).

What I really loved was that the movie was better than the excellent script I'd read. Everything I loved about the script was there, but on top of that, the acting spotty but very good from a number of the actors, the music worked very well, the costume design also added a lot, and the direction was really solid over all. I could not have gotten any of those things from the script. I've mentioned before that there are plenty of easy ways to ruin a good script. Thankfully, that wasn't the case here.

One interesting thing I noticed. I had only seen a bit of the ad campaign for this film, but I noticed the posters now, and oddly, one of them actually gives away a plot point! I won't say what, so as not to offer any spoilers, but strange nonetheless. I guess they figured it would not stand out enough to be memorable, and wouldn't ruin anything for anyone. Still, I do think it is strange that the ad campaign for the movie itself would offer a spoiler, albeit a minor one.

Anyway, that's that. More posts to come later and over the weekend. I have a few things to say on non-Brick related topics, too!



Anonymous Chris Soth said...


Deal me IN!

5:13 AM  
Anonymous NY Brian said...

Saw it tonight at the Angelika. Loved it. The guy's got a unique director's POV and a shooting style that's a breath of fresh air.

They were handing out these cool "Brick Talk" booklets as we entered the theatre, with a mini-glossary to the terms of the film. Very cool. They do the same at the ArcLight?

I had a little vested interest in "Brick" too... Shortly after Sundance my producer sent my script to Rian... and he passed on it. From pass-ee to pass-er in four short years!

7:42 AM  
Blogger Fun Joel said...

Brian -- they did have them at the Arclight as well. I have one. Cute.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous NY Brian said...

Just listened to Rian's CS Podcast. Can you believe he made the film for under $500,000? I was a copywriter on a :30 second TV commercial that cost more!

I give him even more props for making a film that looks like it cost 2-3 million. Unbelievable...

9:49 PM  

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