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Monday, June 18, 2007

Two Hilarious Lines

A rare (as of recently) second post in one day, but just a brief one.

On HBO tonight, a season premiere, a series premiere, one great writer cameo, and two hilarious lines. I just had to quote them for posterity...

Slight Spoilers Follow

First, from Entourage, we have the boys hiring Gaghan to rewrite the ending of Medellin. But then the director rewrites it himself. E says, "[The script] is great, and Stephen Gaghan was kind enough to read it and agree before he headed back home." Gaghan's kicker follows:

I've had people read my work and not like it, but I've never had anybody pay me not to work!
Great stuff. Then, on the awesome new musical comedy Flight of the Conchords, Sally breaks up with Jemaine, and he launches into song. Listen to this fabulous line. Funny as well as a play on cliches:

But if you're trying to break my heart, your plan is flawed from the start. You can't break my heart -- it's liquid. It melted when I met you.
Ah, yeah. Good stuff baby!

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