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Friday, July 01, 2005

Altered States

Okay, so I sat down and revised my weekly schedule. This actually seems to be the thing, these days, in the screenwriting neighborhood of the blogosphere. Hopefully it works for all of us!

It's interesting. I try to maintain a good balance between my writing, my other work, and the other things in my life. Plus, as I've mentioned, I really like having some variety and flexibility, though I also know I need some regimenting and scheduling.

Thus, I've recognized my fatigue-induced limitations, now that I'm working part time, and admitted that I can't get up at 5 AM to write every day, like I had been (at least on weekdays). The new schedule blocks out time on specific days (not the same time each day), but I've also tried to build in some flexibility. While some of these blocks are labeled "Write," others have the built in variety of "Write/Work." So if I have a work deadline of some kind, I'll do that, because I recognize I must also do that stuff.

Still, my plan is to have a minimum number of hours within each of those blocks for writing. For example, one of my "Write/Work" blocks is Monday morning, from 8:30-12. Now I recognize that I frequently will be working during part of this time, since I usually have coverage to do over the weekend, due Mon AM. At the same time, I'm aiming to do at least an hour of writing in this slot, and ideally two or more.

I don't know whether this new schedule will work or not, but I'm hoping it will. I do, of course, recognize the potential pitfalls, and if I'm not succeeding in sticking to this schedule, I'll re-tweak. I'll keep ya posted! :-)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am struggling with finding a regular routine to write. Currently I am devoting early AM time, whilst sipping first coffee and ignoring emails (I am also ignoring other daily activities and functions as well but this is no place to discuss that...ha!) Another great time to barricade myself in the home office is when the wife fires up her soap opera tape after dinner. I do not want to hear that lame-o dialogue and plot hole heavy drama...

8:53 PM  
Blogger Fun Joel said...

Quill, you actually raise another important point that I meant to include. One thing that I should do, haven't been doing, and plan to do moving forwards, is turn off my email program while I'm writing. If I leave it open, every time I hear that little "bing-bong" telling me I have new mail, I get diverted from the writing and check it. If it is off, I'll hopefully stay focused on the writing.

I know this is basic, obvious stuff, but sometimes it needs to be said, in order for it to be done! Call me Captain Obvious!

9:00 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Man, I'll tell you this - schedule is EVERYTHING. If you can stick to that, you're golden.

1:16 AM  

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