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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sticking to Schedules

Setting schedules is important. I've found that my writing dramatically improved in quality, and quantity, once I set a writing schedule for myself. This was a tough thing for me to take on, since I love the flexibility and variety of freelancing so much. At the same time, I recognized the need and appreciate the benefits. When I stick to the schedule, of course.

Which I'm not right now. Sometimes it comes through procrastination, and other times from having too much bill-paying type work to do. Currently, it is more of the latter, so I'm not as mad at myself as I might normally be. Regardless, though, I can't say I've wasted no time over the past few days.

Part of the reason for blogging, I guess, is to be mildly therapeutic, so I guess that's why I'm posting this. And also it makes me more culpable, as I can feel as if I owe something to all of you 25 or so average hits I get per day (even if I am deceiving myself, somewhat). So anyway, I must get back to my own writing ASAP, and that includes both posting the 3rd part of the Enneagram posting here, and sitting down to begin Hell on Wheels. As soon as I finish my paying work. ;-) Wish me luck!

P.S. I only wasted about 5 minutes just now, so I don't feel too procrastinatory!


Anonymous Abby said...

I also have trouble sticking to writing schedules, and have all but abandoned them. I write when I feel inspired or ready. If I'd rather veg out, then I'll get distracted during my writing and churn out crap.

4:11 AM  

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