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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Safari Picture Update #5

So, not that much new to report, but I did want to throw up a quick update here.

I leave L.A. tomorrow morning, on an 11 AM flight, beginning my journey of the next month or so. Last night I celebrated by going out with lots of people for a karaoke night at my regular karaoke haunt. Tomorrow night I will be reuniting with many friends in NYC at another of my old haunts (so if you are around NYC and want to meet up for drinks, let me know today and I'll get you details). I'll be around there for a few days, and then the real adventure begins!

I should have sporadic Internet access during the trip, so I hope to check in periodically, if possible. But if not, I hope to get some good posts up upon my return.

So what else? I find it really interesting the way this script has evolved over the various drafts of the treatment. The first draft was basically a lot of researched stuff all packed in together, with little real connection. I talked things over with the producers, and set on a new direction. The second draft grew into more of an ensemble piece, as a partial means of organization, plus it also had more of a progression of events.

Now, with the new spine, it has morphed into something else. It is largely a different story than it started out as. Sure it still has the same main characters, and the same point, achieved in largely the same way. But the story itself is more singular and focused, and brings in a slightly deeper substance. It has more heart.

So hopefully, while I'm down there, I'll come up with lots of great color for the script, will thrash out some of the details with the producers, and will get a better feel for the general logistics of things there. At least that's the plan!

On another note, I've moved forward with mentoring/helping the less experienced writer of another project the producers have going. It has been an interesting process for me, and fun. It really gets me back to thinking about the basics of screenwriting, trying to get him to focus on the most important stuff, and to not get ahead of himself. So that's kind of cool for me.

Anyway, that's all for now. As I said, I'll try to post more from the road and check in. But if not, I hope to "see" you all upon my return. Perhaps, for many of you, at Expo!



Blogger E.C. Henry said...

Big dog, you rock! Hope you enjoy livin' the dream and rock Africa, like you rock NYC and L.A. baby.

Can't wait to hear how your trip went.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

3:52 AM  
Blogger Bushdoctor said...

Good luck on the trip.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Laura Reyna said...

Good luck, Joel! :-)

4:34 AM  

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